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    Certified Professional Photographer

    Includes CPP Certification Exam
    113 Students Enrolled Occupation: Photographer
    113 Students Enrolled Occupation: Photographer

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    Hours: 645
    Duration: 12 months

    Language: English
    Level: Beginner

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    Certification included

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    Program Description

    This certified professional photographer course is designed to help you acquire the credentials and the necessary skillsets to pursue a career as a portrait, aerial, news, scientific,fine-arts, or commercial photographer. As a student of this course, you’ll learn a number of different photography techniques and photography fundamentals that include: • The science of optics • Photo editing • Technical skills involving digital photography • Subject-dependent techniques • Freelance professional entrepreneurship Our goal is to ensure that our students learn as much as possible from this course. Therefore, we’ve included various audio and visual multimedia presentations to make the learning process even more engaging. We’ve taken that even further by including interactive elements as well. For a complete learning experience, we also provide our students with access to a valuable tool, Adobe Photoshop, for an entire year. Once you complete this photography course, you’ll be awarded a voucher for the Certified Professional Photographer certification by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). With certification, you’ll be able to improve your opportunities for the future as well. You don’t need to be an expert photographer to enroll yourself in this course. This course will help entry-level photographers take their skills to the next level!

    Learning Objectives

    Upon completion of this program, students will be proficient in: • Basic principles of photography and camera anatomy • Digital photography techniques • Corrective elements and special effects for photographs • Professional tips on photographing nature • Using Adobe Photoshop Elements software to enhance and restore photographs

    Courses Included

    • Professional Photography
    • The Art of Photographing Nature
    • Unforgettable Digital Photography


    Module 1 - Professional Photography • Identify the basic principles of photography and camera anatomy • List the steps involved in processing photographs • Recall digital photography techniques, including composition • Recognize the basics of establishing depth of field, perspective, and lighting • Define techniques for improving your photographs, including corrective elements and special effects Module 2 - Start Your Own Photography Business • Recall the steps need to get established as a home-based photographer • Recognize the financial and legal aspects of owning your own photography business • Identify a business plan and how to track expenses • List how to manage and market a photography business Module 3 - Create Stunning Digital Photographs • Identify how composition, shutter, aperture, lighting, exposure and image file type affect a digital photograph • Recall how to troubleshoot and correct your own digital photography files • Recognize different techniques for shooting people, places, events, and animals using auto and scene modes • List techniques and fixes for common photo flaws Module 4 - Learn Photoshop Elements 2021 • Recall how to organize, import digital images, and manage media • Identify how to select, correct and alter images using basic editing tools • Choose advanced editing techniques to add artistic touches • Recognize how to get your work off the hard drive and in the hands of others Module 5 - The Art of Photographing Nature • List isolation and composition techniques • Recognize perspective and color of the subject • Recall the elements of design and different types of lighting • Identify creative options available for the photographer Module 6 - Unforgettable Digital Photography • Define basic compositional techniques for photography • Recall how to see like a photographer and how to tell stories through photos • Recognize the technical aspects of photography • Identify how to look beyond your subject by using props and backdrops



    There are no specific prerequisites for this course


    • Top Photography Tips!: Learn from a professional!
    • Photography The Nuts and Bolts!: Top Tips!
    • How to Create Stunning Digital Photography
    • Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a Book
    • Mastering Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021
    • Start Your Own Photography Business
    • Adobe Photoshop Photography Package

    Technical Requirements

    All required reference materials are provided with this program. Technical requirements: Internet Connection • Broadband or High-Speed (DSL, Cable, Wireless) Hardware Requirements • Processor - 2GHz Processor or Higher • Memory - 1 GB RAM Minimum Recommended Software Requirements • Operating Systems - Windows 7, 8 or 10; Mac OS x 10 or higher • Internet Browsers - Google Chrome is highly recommended • Cookies MUST be enabled • Pop-ups MUST be allowed (Pop-up Blocker disabled)


    The Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) Certification from PPA assures potential employers and clients of a photographer's knowledge, experience and continuance to develop new skills and techniques. It is a declaration of your professional competence! Being a CPP is like quality assurance because certification is a credential consumers and businesses understand. More importantly, it provides you with a tool for telling the world—and all those potential clients—why they should call you rather than a competitor down the street. Getting your CPP is a simple 3-step process. • Declare your candidacy • Pass the CPP exam • Successfully complete the image submission Each state may have additional licensing requirements, be sure to research your states requirements for employment by visiting your states occupation board.


    • 100% Online, Self-Paced • Open Enrollment • Admissions and Student Support • Multimedia Rich and Interactive Content • Industry Certification Exam, when applicable • Hands-on Opportunity Upon Completion

    Career Services

    Students that successfully complete our career training are given a full years access to our modern day career services. With our career services, students are provided a multitude of career development tools to help launch their career quickly and successfully. These tools include:

    • Certification Exam Voucher and Registration Assistance (If Applicable)
    • Resume Building Assistance
    • Externship or Shadowing Placement
    • Career Coaching
    • Employer Skills Matching
    • And More!

    We are dedicated to serving our students on their unique career development journey. Whether you are transitioning to a new career, entering the workforce for the first time, or an experienced professional looking to climb the corporate ladder, our career services team can provide you with professional development tools applicable for any stage of your career.

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